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Childhood and Adolescence: a time of transformation

Childhood and adolescence is one of the most important stages of development in a human. During their growing years, children and teens face a lot of physical, psychological, identity and relationship changes that are a part of their journey to adulthood. This time can be difficult and at times be overwhelming and while it is normal, some children need help in navigating through it and coming our strong and balanced to take on adult life. We help teenagers and their families to identify ways to understand and walk this journey in a way that encourages the child’s psycho-social development. Counseling helps teenagers to be safe, feel confident about themselves while engaging and building respectful relationships.

We help children with

  • Arrow right Anxiety
  • Arrow right Behavioral Concerns
  • Arrow right Self Esteem
  • Arrow right Body esteem
  • Arrow rightSchool refusal and disengagement
  • Arrow rightRelationship concerns
  • Arrow rightSocial isolation
  • Arrow rightStress
  • Arrow rightSocial and Relationship Adjustment

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