Skooc is much more than a weight loss program. Skooc is a sustainable habit formation program for children up to 18 years that helps children improve not just their physical self but also their psychological profile like self esteem, confidence, reduce their anxiety levels and make them more focussed and surer of themselves.

95% of the children who joined Skooc have lost weight. 95% of them have lost up to 15% of their body weight and most of them continue to be with us even after that the continue their journey to getting healthy.

We will talk to your child everyday for 10-15 minutes only. The learning and tracking will happen on the mobile app which your child can play at their leisure. The games and tracking too are designed to last for no more than 10 minutes to ensure limited screen time.

The weight led complications that your child faces is not a problem of theirs alone but will affect the entire family. Further, the family has certainly contributed to these complications, and therefore, it is best addressed with the parents at the child’s side so that he/she dos not feel alone. This is a big change for the child and we have seen that the success f the program is far ore when the parent is deeply involved.

Yes our mobile app can be downloaded from the play store or the Apple app store

We insist that the parent also register on the app. Skooc does not run the program only for the child but also the parent. The parent can see all that the child has logged in and can also log in their own details so we can help manage the parent child partnership.