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Why partner with Skooc

Skooc helps you keep your patients healthy and proactively prevents them from the onset of dangerous chronic diseases

Skooc’s platform works on engaging with the child and their primary caregiver by helping them transform old habits and build new habits to help the child reverse obesity . The data driven customized plan is based on insights that we pick through the Skooc app on the child’s eating, activity levels, medical data, behavioral patterns and cognitive capabilities. The intelligence built into the app then creates a customized habit transformation schedule to ensure their highest success rate.

As opposed to managing chronic diseases that affect overweight and obese children, Skooc works on addressing the reduction or reversal of these diseases through our digital platform. Your personalized panel on the platform provides you with a detailed dashboard for each child, which helps you view your patient’s progress. The system will show you customized reports with their daily progress and highlighting areas that need help and the messaging feature on your personalized panel will help you to stay engaged with the child through their weight loss journey.


million overweight and obese children in India

45 %

chances of them contacting Type II Diabetes

14.7 %

more chances of contacting Cancer

26 %

of them will go on to develop Hypertension

21 %

greater chances of developing orthopedic problems


times more risk of Depression