Many kids across the world are facing obesity and overweight as a major health problem. It is to be kept in mind that the focus while being overweight should be not to just lose weight but also make healthier choices in terms of food and lifestyle. As these children are still in the early stages of life, severely cutting down their calorie intake to lose weight might impair nutrition, growth, and development and that is not at all good for the child.

Weight loss in children should be done with care and the right knowledge. Kids and adults have different bodies and what works for adults might not work on children. It is recommended to consult a doctor to understand your child’s health and then devise health strategies to work best in favor of your child’s health. It is important for the parents to create a safe and sensitive plan with the doctor so that even the child doesn’t feel burdened with the idea of losing weight.

Making overweight kids lose weight goes beyond exercising and eating healthy. It should be done seamlessly and the kids should mentally and physically feel good about the whole idea. To promote a healthy weight for your child, it is essential to provide them with support, as a  family, as a team. You will have to start by becoming a good role model which means that your child follows what you are doing. You should fill your own plate with the food which you want your child to eat. Ensure that members of your family are also following the same lifestyle as it will help the child to control their temptations if any and they won’t feel alone in this. Include physical activities like walking or cycling in your schedule and ask your child to join you. When your child sees everybody going through the same routine, they will feel like a part of it and it’ll be more fun.

Easy physical activities for Overweight Kids

Exercises shouldn’t feel like a burden to your kids. It is true that they might not be up for them every time but it is also important to involve some rewards to keep the child motivated.

Children should get 60 minutes of physical activity per day. There are several ways to include easy ways in your daily activities to keep the child active

  • Jumps

Easy exercises for overweight kids

Make them jump in the house. Even if they are watching TV then during the breaks make them jump. You can simply do this by putting on a song and dancing with them.

  • Taking stairs

Easy exercises for overweight kids

Use stairs daily and make it a habit. Make sure that you and your child are climbing at least five flights of stairs every day.

  • Household chores

Easy exercises for overweight kids

Involve your kids in simple household chores like cleaning their own room, getting the dustbin bag out of the house, making the bed and dusting the doors and windows. The idea is to keep them physically active.

  • Fun activities in the park

Easy exercises for overweight kids

Walk with them or ride a bike together or even go to a park and kick around a ball. You can jump ropes, play tag, throw a ball or just walk in the park.

These are simple ways to keep them physically active apart from regular sports or exercises. But it’s important to be active every day not just to lose weight but to maintain a healthy body.