Skooc is a digital platform that helps overweight and obese children manage their weight and obesity led conditions like

Asset diabities

Type II Diabetes



Asset colastrol

High Cholesterol

Asset bone

Orthopedic problems

Asset poly

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Asset lungs

Obstructive sleep apnea

Asset liver

Non Alcoholic Fatty liver Disease

And helping with psychological conditions like

Asset low esteem

Low self-esteem

Asset low confidence

Low self confidence


Anxiety & Depression

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Why did we start Skooc..

  • Asset ballAt Skooc, we prioritize a healthy balance of emotional and physical well-being in our program.
  • Asset educationOur approach centers around understanding the current habits of our children and their parents and then improving them. Our children work with experienced counselors to change or rebuild their habits into healthy ones to help them achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. Our program focuses on each child and the parents’ holistic nutrition habits – not just calorie count. We don’t believe in a child being put on a restrictive diet, but work on helping the child and their parents reaching a balanced, whole-foods approach to eating.
  • Asset mobileOur signature mobile app, videos and games allow for clients to easily access, learn and track eating habits. Games encourage clients to move away from their sedentary lifestyle into an active one.


million overweight and obese children in India

45 %

chances of them contacting Type II Diabetes

14.7 %

more chances of contacting Cancer

26 %

of them will go on to develop Hypertension

21 %

greater chances of developing orthopedic problems


times more risk of Depression

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