As your child journeys through school & college


Science backed, habits based methods to help balance academics, sports, social life and extra curricular activities and emerge successful

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Science Based

Led by the latest in neuropsychology, physiology and psychology on how to outperform as a student

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Habit transforming

The program helps your child with easy to form build micro-habits and leads them to sustained success

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Coaching in a continuous, interactive format focussed on helping your child build the ability to overcome obstacles on their journey to winning

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Data insight led

Studying for long hours isn't enough. Help you child find their personal path to success.

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Peak Modules

Spending hours studying isn't enough anymore. Help your child become a Super Performer

  • Act

    • Scheduling - Time management
    • Prioritization
    • Deliberate practice
  • AIM

    • Goal Setting
    • Commitment to goal
    • Consistent motivation to perform
  • Be

    • Exercise
    • Nutrition
    • Sleep
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    • Focus Managing distractions
    • Memory
    • Gadget De-addiction
  • FEEL

    • Emotional Balance
    • Mood Management
    • Anxiety and stress management

    • Self
    • Cohort
    • Family

Peak Process

Peak Performance at Skooc is based on the child's neurological acceptance of new habits through micro change on a daily basis
  • Defining

    Individual sessions with the child to help them define their goals.

    Individual sessions with the parents to understand the child's social structure and relationships

  • Assess

    Assess and baseline the Child's peak characteristics

    On going assessment to mark both discrete and continuous changes

  • Transform

    Group/cohort based to start broad habits

    One on one sessions to help improve individual statistics

  • Appreciate

    Rewards both at school and at home to help the child celebrate improvements and improve their belief in themselves

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