The Skooc program develops and promotes skills and habits in
children that are required to perform at their best, consistently.


Customized programs for all grades to build social emotional skills and study habits to help them excel aided by Counselling/Therapy to strengthen their mental health.


One of its kind program focused on helping educators with their mental health and stress levels. Aimed to promote SEL at class and amongst teachers and build skills to maximize their potential.


Curated sessions for parents by grade to help them understand and adjust their parenting styles and deepen their connect.

In-Person paediatric counselling and therapy sessions available at

Developmental Assesments, Therapy and Counselling Sessions at Narayana Clinic, Sarjapura Road, Bengaluru.
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At Skooc,we always place our patients needs at the top of our priorities. We are fortunate to have a number of highly educated and experienced pediatric psychology clinicians on our team. Reach out to us and get the best counselling for children and teens, and your family.