Gadget Moderation Among Adults


Since the emergence of the Internet and smartphones, research is showing an increase in the number of people struggling with an addiction to technology. It's not uncommon for both children to feel a need to constantly be "plugged in" to social media and the Internet, but this often leads to a fear of missing out and fear of being left out in young people. Coupled with the neurological changes that take place in the brain while being online, technology addiction can be added to the list of behavioural addictions.

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The symptoms of gadget addiction involve risks that engulf our physical and psychological well being apart from our social life. Keep a look out for some of the following signs:

Withdrawal refers to a very characteristic reactionary process through which the body goes when the stimulus to which it was 'used to" is removed from the equation. These symptoms can be Irritability, Craving, Depression, Restlessness, Anxiety, Guilt or shame.

If you notice recurring instances of a few of these symptoms, we at Skooc recommend a formal evaluation.


At Skooc, we help you better understand what you are going through. Though it is gaining traction in the mental health field, a standardized diagnosis of Internet Addiction Disorder has not been discovered. 

Beard proposes five diagnostic criteria in the identification of Internet Addiction Disorder in the general population:

It is suggested at least one of the following must also be present in a diagnosis of Internet Addiction Disorder:

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Next Steps and Intervention

Our team of professional psychologists at Skooc can help you by providing the necessary interventions. Treatment is incredibly pertinent as the source of the problem is an important part of modern existence. One can't just keep the stimulant in this case out of one's life because it does fulfil various utilities of modern-day life. 

Some of the more common psychological treatments of Internet Addiction Disorder include:

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